Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel 1972.
Educated in Milano, Italy, majoring in industrial design and visual communications.

Was founder and GM of several multimedia and design companies in Italy and Israel, before moving to Thailand in 2003,as art-director and creative-director for multinational marketing.

Following several exhibitions of mixed-media and large scale prints, debuting in a solo exhibition in Milano in 2001, and 14 exhibitions since, is now concentrating on fine-art and writing, and runs a specialized bespoke private photography studio in Bangkok.

During the years, Numerous Art works have been bought for private collections in Italy, Israel, New-York, Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Barcelona, and of course Thailand.

After active involvement in social projects in Israel, is now supporting several projects in Thailand, especially in the field of education for under-privileged children. 

Self-published his first book of poetry in 2010,  and an anthology came out in 2012.

In 2011 gathered his experience from writing to magazines and daily newspapers to launch his online article content reservoir with over 280 articles , and in 2012 the travel photo essay section of the site was launched